Things I'd rather do!

Veldig Random liste over ting jeg heller vil enn å skrive/lese eksamen!!


Have the fleas of a thousand camels infest my armpits

Actually eat a horse

Hold the board for a blind man's darts competition

Tell Li'l Kim I love her wardrobe

Do my boyfriend's laundry

Inherit the national debt of Greece

Be a race car hood ornament

Attract the attention of a rabid St. Bernard

Pour boiling water up my nose

Work as a phone solicitor

Run naked through British parliament

Be reincarnated as a Canadian battleship

Host a Love Boat theme party

Personally tell every child in the world that there is no Santa Claus

Watch twenty-four straight hours of Italian opera - without subtitles

Listen to my pelvis crack

Work with fish

Discuss religion with a Republican Creationist

Discuss politics with an Irish Nationalist

Have my bones scraped

Be stapled to a cow


Devote my life to collecting the rare recordings of Englebert Humperdink




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